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NSC Sponsored RaceCar
October 13, 2015
Back in April NSC Sponsored driver Jim Gaunt, Road Runner Racing Super Late Model  #55.  He had a great season and in fact holds the title for the 2015 Super Late Model points Leader.  He won the final race on September 19th at the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway in Saskatoon.  These are the fastest cars at this speedway.
He started the race in the Pole position, but he took a bet for an extra cash that he could still win starting from last place.  It took him about 100 laps to get into 1st place and won by a narrow margin.   Below is the link to his driver’s profile. 
As you can see in the picture below—the NSC Logo Is VERY visible!  Way to go Jim!

Mine Tours 2015
September 17, 2015
The last week of August was a busy week here at NSC Minerals Ltd with our annual Mine Tours.  For the first time since offering the tours all available spaces were filled so make sure to send in your RSVP’s early next year! 

We kicked off the Rocanville/PCS Tour with a reception on the patio at the Red Barn.  The weather was perfect and the kitchen and dining room staff treated NSC and our guests like royalty!  We built relationships around the tables with partners and vendors on either side of the border.  The next morning was an early one and we travelled convoy style to the PCS Mine Site and arrived on time to their security gate.  Two groups were guided through the mill and the mine underground before heading over to our site for a BBQ luncheon.  After lunch our Plant Manager, Rob Willms, and our Plant Supervisor, Kevin Vennard, each led a group through the life of a salt crystal once it lands on the PCS salt tailings pile.   The afternoon ended with accolades from our guests about their experience...well done gang!!

After a brief reprieve (of one day), we launched our Vanscoy/Agrium Tour with a gourmet meal at the Radisson in Saskatoon.  Chef Scott and the staff at Radisson served NSC staff and guests a memorable meal over clips of Olde Salty and a brief talk from our Agrium representative, David Middlebrook.  The next morning began even earlier than its preceding tour and we travelled in much the same way as the first tour to the Agrium Mine Security gate at the expected time.   Once again our group was divided and given a tour of both the mill and mine operations.  After Agrium’s portion ended (around noon) our Vanscoy plant hosted another BBQ style luncheon for our guests before Adam Parker and Todd Kinzel (Plant Supervisors) walked groups through operations at Vanscoy.  Again we had representatives from both sides of the border visiting our site and again we received many praises about the tour.

NSC wishes to thank both Potash Corporation Saskatchewan and Agrium for their willingness to allow our major suppliers, customers, and other supporters onto their site for a world class experience.
Food for thought: cutting back on salt may cause you to eat more.
June 25, 2015

But what if eating less salt also increases your weight by making you eat more?

 “Over the past 30 years, an interesting phenomenon has occurred: the rates of obesity have dramatically gone up but the amount of salt we consume has remained fairly stable,”

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Olde Salty on Non-Alcoholic Beverages
June 1, 2015


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