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OMRI Certification
September 24, 2018

Organic Salt? Unfortunately, there isn’t any organic certification for salt. Salt is an inorganic mineral that can never be certified organic. Our newest technical sales member Ryan Wurtz took the lead by guiding NSC Minerals through the steps for the next best thing which is “OMRI listed”. OMRI stands for Organic Materials Review Institute which is an international non-profit organization that determines which input products are allowed for use in organic product and processing. Both our Vanscoy and Rocanville feed salt has been approved and are the newest mineral added to the OMRI list. OMRI listed products are allowed for use in certified organic operations under the USDA National organic program and the Canadian organic standards. OMRI lists input products such as fertilizers, pest controls, and livestock care products that are compliant with organic standards. These input products are then used to produce organic food and fiber that are then certified by an accredited certifying body. By focusing exclusively on inputs, OMRI provides essential expertise to support the organic certification process. This wouldn’t have been possible without our operations group that make sure our quality assurance policies are enforced at every level in the supply chain. Everything is better with a little salt!

NSC EZ Order App
April 16, 2018

NSC Minerals is proud to announce that our brand new custom designed ordering system (NSC EZ Order) is officially live! We have developed this app to make it simple and efficient for our customers to order, top up supply and track inventory online. This ordering app was built with our customers needs in mind! Track the progress of loads that you have ordered, keep track of frequently ordered product for fast reordering, and organize all your delivery locations in a single account.

To be setup for NSC EZ Order, please give us a call at 306-934-6477 to obtain your Username and Password. Once you are setup your next order is only a few clicks away!

Humboldt Broncos Tribute
April 12, 2018

As a tribute to the Humboldt Broncos Hockey Team NSC Minerals had all locations lower their flags to half-mast for 16 days to honor the 16 people who lost their lives in the tragic accident.

To support all the people effected by this accident a GoFundMe has been created, to donate visit https://www.gofundme.com/funds-for-humboldt-broncos

Celebrate World Salt Awareness Week
March 5, 2018

World Salt Awareness Week is being celebrated this year from March 12th - 18th and is the perfect opportunity to recognize all the many benefits of salt. Salt, or sodium chloride, is essential for life. In fact, no mineral is more essential to human survival than sodium because it allows nerves to send and receive electrical impulses, helps your muscles stay strong, and keeps your cells and brain functioning. However, sodium chloride (salt) is a nutrient that the body cannot produce, and therefore it must be consumed.

The Salt Institute has created a micro-website to promote this event at http://worldsaltawarenessweek.org/



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