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Calcium Chloride Introduction

Like the salt we provide, Calcium Chloride brine has many uses. The largest requirement is in Road Stabilization and Dust Suppressant applications. The introduction of liquid calcium chloride to gravel bed roadways will bind with the fine dust within the soil structure to maintain moisture and prevent dust from being expelled to the environment when disturbed by road traffi.
Calcium Chloride brine is also used as a tire ballasting agent (sometimes referred to as Heavy Water). Being a very dense liquid, resistant to freezing to -45ºC, it provides extra weight to the tire resulting in better grip. All of our employees with farming background in particular would know of this feature.
Calcium Chloride brine is increasingly being used as winter de-icing agent either directly applied as an anti icing or
de-icing agent as well as treating Salt and Sand to enhance the features of these products. Working effectively to melt snow and ice to below -45ºC, Calcium Chloride will be an excellent addition to our core product line up for winter
de-icing for our customers.
Some of the many other uses for Calcium Chloride in other industries and applications include the food industry as a firming agent and electrolyte in sports drinks. The cement industry uses it as an accelerant, the chemical industry as additives in plastics, fire extinguishers, production of activated charcoal and heating pads due to exothermic properties (generating heat). Agricultural uses include a source of calcium for soil and spraying apple trees to prevent spotting as well as many other uses. In the oil industry, due to it's higher density it is used to increase density of brines and as drilling well kill fluids.


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