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Salt crystals produced by NSC Minerals include various trace minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. This unique combination of highly soluble chloride and enhancing trace minerals encapsulated within each crystal is what gives the crystal its pinkish color, making our product truly distinctive.
NSC minerals - highway de-icing salt crystals Highway De-Icing Salt Crystals - Salt is the most effective and economical highway de-icer in use throughout North America. Salt used by general road contractors and highway de-icing crews assures winter driving safety and continued mobility in snowbelt areas, even under severe snow and ice conditions.
nsc minerals - hide curing salt crystals Feed Salt Crystals - Livestock, sheep, poultry and other animals do not always receive adequate amounts of sodium from forages and other feeds. They need supplemental salt as part of a nutritionally balanced diet to remain healthy, disease free, and to achieve optimum growth. Animals have a natural, definitive appetite for salt. NSC Feed Salt Crystals can be fed alone or mixed with feed.
nsc minerals - drilling mud salt crystals Hide Curing Salt Crystals - Salt is a very important ingredient in the processing of high quality leather products and is used at various stages in the manufacturing process. Curing is the process of dehydrating the hide without disturbing the skin structure. This can be accomplished by salting or pickling the hides during the curing process.
nsc minerals - industrial applications Drilling Mud Salt Crystals - Salt has been used for many years in the oil drilling industry. Drilling mud is used to lubricate and cool the drill bit during the drilling process. The use of straight water as the basis of the mud can cause erosion in the well cavity, causing the walls of the well to collapse. This problem can be managed by using a salt based brine solution instead of using water.
Industrial Applications - Salt is used in many industrial applications including water softening. Salt for this purpose is usually a washed or refined grade. Water is considered to be hard when it contains traces of calcium and magnesium, known as hardness ions.  Mineral scale can build up in hot water appliances and industrial boilers, reducing energy efficiency and shortening the appliance and equipment life.  A similar type of salt is used for making a brine for brine cooling systems.
Road Stabilization - Salt is used by many road contractors and municipalities as a road stabilization agent.




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