Packaged ice melters

nsc minerals - packaged ice melters
MELTZ ALL is a premium ice melt blend providing increase melting power to -28'C for our harsh winter conditions.  MELTZ ALL is available in the "easy pour" 5kg jugs, 10kg pails, 10kg and 18kg bags. 
SALTZ ALL containing NSC Minerals natural mined crystals is a general purpose ice melter effective to -15'C.  SALTZ ALL is available in the "easy pour" 5kg jugs, 10kg pails, 10kg and 18kg bags.
PETZ ALL is a gentle fertilizer based ice melter effective to -8'C (18'F) that is PET FRIENDLY and PLANT FRIENDLY when used as directed.  PETZ ALL is available in the "easy pour" 5kg jugs and 10kg bags.

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Select a suitable product for ice melting with our handy tips:

General Information

Be aware that all Ice Melters have potential risks. Therefore, it's important to follow proper application procedures to minimize risk. Always remove ice and snow once melting action loosens ice. Scrape ice and snow to curb, away from vegetation.

The Freeze-Thaw Cycle

The most common concerns with ice melters are damage to concrete. The natural freeze-thaw cycle in combination with poor concrete, old or new concrete,  or improperly air entrained concrete can result in damage...without even applying any ice melter.

During warmer periods, ice melts and liquid runs into cracks and concrete pores. When freezing occurs, liquid expands in spaces and causes cracking or spalling (surface breakage).

To minimize risk of damage always:

  • Apply proper amounts
  • Avoid clumping of product applied
  • Scrape snow and ice to curb immediately following melting action

Desirable Characteristics

  • Low operating temperature
  • Quick acting/long lasting


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