ice melters work

Product crystals will dissolve in the ice/snow forming a liquid brine. The salt brine solution has a freezing point lower than water. The smaller crystals dissolve quickly to begin the melting action. The larger crystals, through the action of gravity will penetrate the ice layer to the road. The brine formed will travel between the ice layer and surface loosening the bond for easier ice removal. DE-ICING - Removes ice & snow and is applied after the event.

ANTI-ICING - Prevents ice from forming and is applied before the event.

Natural Colored mineral crystals

NSC mineral crystals  are brought to the surface in their natural rock form untouched allowing all of the natural trace minerals to remain intact. These trace minerals - which include calcium, magnesium, and potassium - increase the melting power to a lower temperature.

This unique combination of high soluble chloride and enhancing trace minerals encapsulated within each crystal gives the crystal its pinkish color, making our products truly distinctive.

nsc minerals

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